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Revised June 26, 2017



1. Tennis etiquette and consideration for other players must be observed at all times.

2. Proper tennis attire must be worn on the courts. Male players may not play bare-chested or in tank tops. Bathing suits, cut-off shorts or jeans are not permitted.  Regulation tennis shoes must be worn while playing on the courts. Street shoes, sandals, running shoes or other sport shoes are not permitted.

3. Excessive shouting is not permitted at any time.  Keep any conversations at a low volume. Throwing of racquets, abuse of Club property or use of obscene language is grounds for immediate removal from the tennis facility.  No hitting of balls into the wall or net.

4. Cell phone use is not permitted on the courts, including tennis pros, except in an emergency. Phones must be kept on silent mode. 

5. Food is not permitted on the courts. Exceptions may be made for health reasons at the request of the player. Personal belongings, balls, towels and trash, shall be removed from the courts at the completion of play.

6. Teaching equipment is to be used only during lessons or clinics led by a RVCC tennis pro unless a member of the tennis staff has given specific approval for use of the equipment.  Members may only use member-designated ball hoppers and they are to be returned immediately after use.

7. The ball machine is for member use only.  It may only be used on the indoor courts after training on its use by a tennis staff member.  There is no extra charge to use the ball machine – only the applicable court charge.



8. Current members may reserve a court up to one week in advance, including lessons with an RVCC tennis pro.  A limit of 1.5 hours court time may be reserved. 

9. It is expected that, absent unusual circumstances, all cancellations of court reservations shall be made at least 24 hours in advance.  All players who do not cancel at least 24 hours in advance will be charged 50% of the court fee.

10. Walk on play is available on a first come, first served basis, when a court is available. Members pay a reduced walk on rate.

11. During the summer (non-contract) season, indoor court rates apply for reservations.  There are no indoor court fees for walk on play during the summer season.


12. All players must inform the Tennis Office of their arrival before entering the courts.

13. There is no fee for use of the outdoor courts by RVCC members. A $10 guest fee will be billed to the member's account when guests play with a member.

14. When court maintenance is in progress, players may not enter the court area until the cleaning of all the courts is completed or if the maintenance crew allows.  At least one unprepared court will be available by 7:30AM depending on time of year and maintenance will be performed after play on that court.

15. When a member is waiting for a court, play is limited to 1 hour for singles and 1-1/2 hours for doubles and then the court must be yielded to the waiting member.  The longest playing court should yield its court first.

16. Team play and tournament play shall have priority on the outdoor courts so long as reservations are made. 

17. During inclement weather, the courts may close at the discretion of the Tennis Staff.  When play is in progress, players may move indoors at no charge if a court is available.


18. Players may only take tennis lessons on Club property from an RVCC tennis coach or professional.  Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged 50% of the lesson rate. After the 3rd

cancellation in the same season, the full amount will be charged.

19. In a private clinic, participants pay the same rate each week regardless of number of players attending.  If one or two players attend the length of the clinic may be reduced by the pro.

20. Adult team practices require a 48 hour advance sign-up.  Players who cancel with less than a 24 hour notice will be charged 50% of the clinic rate.

21. Players who register for a six week clinic are eligible for a one week pro-rated fee if they inform the Tennis Office of the week they are not available.  If notice of cancellation is given more than 24 hours in advance, the player may join another clinic as recommended by the pro or the pro may offer a half hour make-up lesson.  Credits are not offered for the next session.

22. If the pro cancels a lesson or clinic, or if a lesson is canceled by the tennis staff due to bad weather or court conditions, the player may choose to reschedule the lesson or receive a full refund.



23. Club members are responsible for seeing that their guests abide by all rules and policies.

24. All guests of a member must be signed in or called into the Tennis Office prior to playing on the courts. 

25. All non-members who play at RVCC must sign the tennis waiver before walking on the court.

26. All non-members not playing as a guest of a member must pay for their court time prior to using the court.

27. Non-members who sub on an indoor contract may play three times before having to pay the Non-Member Annual Tennis Registration Fee.  All other non-members may play once before being responsible for the payment of the Non-Member Annual Tennis Registration Fee; however, the waiver must be signed before the first time playing.

28. Non-members may not reserve an outdoor court or play without a member on court.

29. Non-members who have paid the annual non-member registration fee may participate in clinics, lessons and summer programs on the outdoor courts.

30. The Non-Member Annual Tennis Registration Fee is $100 for adults and $50 for juniors and must be renewed each year.  Individuals who play for the first time on or after January 1st pay a reduced fee, $60 for adults and $30 for juniors.


31. RVCC Social Members are required to pay all non-member fees and follow non-member policies.

32. Parking is not permitted in front of the tennis facility or in the no parking zones at any time. 

33. Authority for enforcement of all rules is vested with the tennis staff.