Dress Code

“Our Dress Code is an important tradition at Radnor Valley Country Club and was established as a complement to the excellence standards for which the Club is noted. We hope that the following guidelines will be helpful in making your visit enjoyable and comfortable for you and your guests.

Tank tops, tank-style undershirts and jogging tops for men, cropped and jogging tops for women, sweat pants and frayed, cut-off, worn, faded or tattered clothing are not acceptable attire. Clothing containing offensive or inappropriate wording/logos is not permitted.

Shirts and shoes are required at all times in all public areas other than the pool. Dress sandals are permitted. Most shirts are meant to be worn tucked in. Gentlemen will remove hats while indoors. Except at the pool, any hats worn should have bills forward. Your guests and children must also adhere to the Club’s dress code.”


It is expected that members will choose to dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the setting of the Club. It is also expected that members will advise their guests of the dress requirements. The Club may publish dress requirements from time to time.

The following Dress Code shall be in effect year round:

Country Club Casual for Breakfast, Lunch Daily and Sunday Night Dinner:

  • No bathing suits will be permitted for indoor dining
  • No sleeveless shirts for men
  • Denim jeans permitted.

Restricted Country Club Casual for Thursday and Friday Night Dinners:

  • Jackets for men are optional
  • T-shirts are not permitted
  • No denim jeans
  • No shorts except for Friday Nights from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend
  • No warm-ups
Suggests a higher level of dress Country Club Casual
Implies a level of appearance that excludes the most casual attire. Our rules cannot define every article of clothing that is or is not acceptable. What is appropriate for women may not be appropriate for men, and vice versa. Every member is responsible for his/her attire and that of their children and guests. If attire falls below accepted norms of the Club, the member will be advised by club staff or the House Committee. Repeated episodes may result in appropriate discipline, e.g., suspension.