Fitness Center Rules

Rules and Guidelines
1. The Fitness Center is for the exclusive use of Golf, Sports, Tennis and Swim members of
     Radnor Valley Country Club.
2. Children under the age of 15 are not permitted in the Fitness Center.
3. The Fitness Center will be open all hours that the club is open.
4. Members may bring guests to the Fitness Center. Guest fees will apply. Guests must abide
     by club rules and must assume the same personal responsibilities as members.
5. Members are required to understand the proper operation of the equipment they choose
    to use.
6. Members must provide their own ear buds/head sets.
7. Water is permitted in plastic or aluminum bottles only. No other food and beverages are
    allowed in the Fitness Center.
8. Courteous cell phone usage only. Set cell phones to vibrate. Make phone calls outside of
     the Fitness Center.
9. Dress Code: Proper fitness attire is required: rubber soled athletic shoes and athletic or
     gym designed clothing. Denim of any kind,short shorts or cut‐offs are not permitted.
     Swimsuits are not permitted. Open toed shoes, sandals, boat shoes,street shoes or golf
     shoes are not permitted.
And Please...
Be courteous and considerate of those around you. Exercise good manners, such as;
• wiping sweat off of machines or equipment after use
• placing all equipment back where you found it
Be respectful of the provided equipment, for example;
• don't drop weights or bang equipment
• let the club staff know if you notice damaged or broken equipment