Pool Rules & Regulations

Pool Rules 

All of these pool rules are put in place to create the most enjoyable and fun swimming experience as possible. It the priority of the pool staff to maintain a safe experience is in the pool and around the pool. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these rules, or the enforcing of these rules by lifeguards, please see the manager on duty for an explanation. Asking a lifeguard to explain their decision will only take their attention away from the pool, which always remains their first and foremost priority. We hope that you respect and follow these rules that have been put in place for the summer season. They are for your safety and well being ONLY.

1. All members 12 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or over).
      Children must be supervised at ALL TIMES under the age of 12. It is not permitted to drop off your children if they are under 12 years of age and leave them unattended.
2. No artificial swimming devices will be allowed in the main pool. Rafts, floats, or toys will be monitored and permitted for use at the discretion of the pool manager and lifeguard on duty.
  • A. Artificial swimming devices consist of water wings, floating tubes, floating bathing suits, or any other foreign objects that aid in floating or swimming in the pool. Children who are not able to pass the water safety test must be physically accompanied by an adult (at least 18 years of age), and under their constant supervision at all times. Artificial swimming devices are not to be used as a substitute for, or in addition to, adult supervision.
  • B. Rafts, floats, toys, and balls will be permitted in the pool, however will be monitored. The use of these may be limited based on the number of bathers using the facility. If the pool director or lifeguard on duty feels that the rafts, floats, toys, or balls are creating an unsafe swimming environment, their use may be restricted. When the pool is less crowded and the lifeguard or pool director permits them, they can be used again.
  • C. Swimmers who cannot pass a shallow end test are required to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved vest.
3. No running on pool deck
      Running around the pool deck causes concern for children slipping and falling into the pool or stubbing their toes on the concrete. The lifeguards will monitor all children. Running, while permitted on the grassy area, is not permitted on the pool deck surrounding the pool.
4. No diapers or training pants allow in either pool
      Children are not permitted in the big pool with diapers or training pants. If you want to accompany your child in the big pool, we ask that you dress them in rubber swim pants. This will prevent any “accidents” that will cause the pool to be shut down for the day. If you are not sure if your child’s pants are appropriate, please ask the manager on duty.
5. No swimming unless a lifeguard is on duty
      NO patrons are permitted in the pool unless a lifeguard is on the lifeguard stand. The pool staff is here for your safety and should be respected at all times.
6. No Cutoff Shorts or Denim Shorts in pool
      When shorts are cut, or denim jeans are cut, they fray at the ends, leaving fibers and strings to disperse in the pool. These items clog the pumps and filters and can often times cause major damage. For this reason, no cutoff shorts or cutoff jeans will be permitted in the pool.
7. No horseplay or excessive roughhousing in the pool
      While roughhousing and horseplay can be fun, they also create a dangerous situation when in the pool. Being in the water can be a dangerous situation and if the lifeguard on duty asks you to settle down, please respect their wishes and understand that it is only for your safety.
8. No food permitted in the pool area.
      Drinks are allowed around the pool only if they are in cups with lids. Food and snacks around the pool will attract bees, which can be dangerous to those who are allergic. We ask that all food be eaten and kept in and around the snack bar area.
9. All members and guests must sign in
      Please be sure to sign-in every time you are in the pool. Guests are welcome at our facility, but must also be signed in for regulation purposes.
10. No Band-Aids permitted in the pool
      Band-aids often will get caught in the pool filter systems, and cause major damage to equipment. We ask that you remove any band-aids and properly dispose of them,before swimming to prevent this.
11. No Chewing or Bubble gum permitted in the pool
      Bubble gum and chewing gum can create a dangerous situation. Not only can it get caught in the filter systems and on the pool deck and bottom, but it can also cause choking while swimming. No one is permitted to chew gum in the pool. Please properly dispose of your gum before entering the pool.
12. A lap swimming lane is available at all times
      Please refrain from sitting or playing in the lap swimming lane.
13. Parents are responsible for supervision in the baby pool at all times
      There is not a lifeguard on duty in the baby pool. It is YOUR responsibility to watch your child in the baby pool. Parents should be aware at all times, of the whereabouts of their children. Most accidents occur in baby pools, and are a result of parental negligence.
14. Children 12 years old or younger need to pass a deep water test in order to use the diving board
      There will be a lane rope dividing the deep end from the shallow end. The diving board and the deep end are to be used only by those who have passed the deep water test. This test consists of the ability to swim one lap of the pool, floating on your back for one minute and treading water for one minute. If any member cannot complete this test, they are not permitted on the diving board or in the deep end, NO EXCEPTIONS. Managers and lifeguards can administer this test at any time during pool hours.   Parents are not permitted to catch their children while diving off the board. The diving board is a privilege which needs to be earned. Private and group swimming lessons are offered to help those children achieve the goal of passing the swim test for this reason. Please see the manager on duty for a list of our lesson programs.
15. One person permitted on the diving board at a time
      While using the diving board, members must wait at the bottom of the board until the person in front of you has reached the ladder. Diving off the board while a swimmer is still swimming to the side can result in serious injury. One person on the board at a time.
16. No inward, reverse dives, or flips permitted on diving board
      Inward, reverse dives and flips can cause serious spinal and head injuries if not executed properly. These type of dives are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All divers must walk out to the end of the board and jump or dive straight out, not to the side.
17. In the event of lightning in the area, the pool and pool deck area will be closed until the conditions are safe again for swimming.
      If lightning is in the area, the Club’s lightning detector horn will sound, notifying the Pool director and lifeguard on duty that the conditions are not safe to be swimming or on the pool deck. The lifeguard and Pool director will clear the pool and the pool deck area. The pool will be closed for 30 minutes from the last clap of thunder or flash of lightning. 
18. In the event of a fecal accident in either pool, the pool will be shocked with Chlorine and closed for the day.
      While no one likes to close the pool in case of an “accident”, state and township laws specify that the pool be cleaned chemically, which causes the pool to be closed for at least 24 hours. We try to prevent any accidents by requiring rubber pants on children and limiting the use of non-potty trained swimmers to the baby pool.
19. The use of lounge chairs may be limited to adults only on Holidays and busy weekends when chairs are in short supply.
      We are limited, at times, to the number of lounge chairs available. The management and staff are working hard to provide each member with a chair while they are at the pool to maximize their comfort. Certain times during the year, we might limit the use to one chair per family to prevent a member from coming to the pool and not having any chairs available. Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the 4th of July are our busiest times. On these days, we may ask that you limit the use of lounge chairs to adults only, as children are more often in and around the pool, rather than in the chairs. We want to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere at the pool and ask that each member work with the pool staff to ensure that every member has a   positive experience. Let’s work together and have a fun summer! Lounge chair usage should not become an issue that takes away from the pool experience.
20. No child under 12 years of age will be permitted to use the main pool unaccompanied without passing the required RVCC Swim Test.
      This test will be administered daily by our life guard staff. Please see our professional staff to arrange for your child’s test. Children who are not able to pass the required swim test MUST be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian over 18 years of age when using the main pool and must be wearing an American Red Cross, US Coast Guard or other approved life vest that is appropriate for the age and size of the child. Water wings or any other non-approved floatation device are not safe and are not approved as a substitute for the stated life vest.